Saturday, February 26, 2005

Looking Classy, Memphis

I really wanted to go down and be a part of all the great stuff going on for ESPN College Gameday this morning, but I've got some kind of flu/bad cold or something, and I'm laid out. As I mentioned with the Grizzlies, sometimes timing sucks.

Anyway, the city looks great on the broadcast--props to all the fans that made the trip downtown early, props to all the fans who made great signs (although I've had enough of the signs that use the TV network's initials, a la "Everyone Slap Pitino Now"), and a big thank you goes out to Chuck House and all the Tiger fans/businesses who put this thing together--it looks great.

I was over at practice when Steve Cyphers was doing all the work for his Intelligym piece on D-Wash. ESPN is a first-class operation when you watch how they put stuff together--to do that one hour of television I just watched from Memphis probably took 150-200 man-hours in setup time.

I hope to have my voice back by Monday. This crap is making me very angry, since I can't sleep, don't want to eat, and cough every time I laugh.

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