Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Madness Begins...

Get your excuses ready, because it's that time.

Tip-off in 2 hours.

Kentucky vs. Eastern Kentucky.

Here's my Sweet 16:

Chicago: Illinois, Boston College, Arizona, Oklahoma St.

Albuquerque: Washington, Louisville, Gonzaga, Wake Forest

Syracuse: North Carolina, New Mexico, Kansas, Connecticut

Austin: Duke, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Kentucky

I know, I know--the only upset pick is New Mexico. I'm probably wrong, but I think the top 4 seeds in each region are pretty solid.

Final Four: Illinois vs. Wake Forest; North Carolina vs. Kentucky

Finals: Illinois vs. North Carolina

Winner: North Carolina

Hard to count on Roy Williams to win the big one. If anyone can lose with the incredible talent at his disposal, it's Roy. Hopefully, he'll throw out some cursing in his inevitable post-loss interview just like 2003.

Incidentally, Roy--focus on your own situation, not Buzz Peterson's. I doubt very seriously you watched much Tennessee basketball this season.

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