Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Uh oh

Pau Gasol's foot isn't healing, folks. That hairline fracture can't seem to get better. At first , Pau was going to miss a couple of weeks, then he would miss a little more, but be back by the All-Star Break. Now, whispers are growing louder that Pau may be out for much longer, maybe even the rest of the season.

"I would think that there is a chance (to miss the season)," Gasol said. "I just thought that I'd be able to play a lot sooner. Now, everything is very much undecided so I really don't know what to expect anymore. I try to be as positive as I can. Hopefully, everything heals but I don't see that happening anytime soon."

Thanks to Ron Tillery in the CA for the quote. This is the first time there has been any public mention of the chance Pau could be out for the year--honestly, I'm not too optimistic. Foot injuries are notoriously tough to rehabilitate and deal with, especially with someone as big as Pau. I hope for the best in this situation, but if there's one guy the Grizzlies cant afford to lose, it's Pau.

That being said, they should still beat the Warriors this afternoon (?) in the Forum.

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