Sunday, April 10, 2005

An Apology

Per the terms of a halftime wager I made with Mike Golub (scroll down and you'll see him) , I must now make the following declaration:

Mike, I'm sorry for doubting you when you told me that Martynas Pocius had only half of his left middle finger. In this picture (Pocius is the young man on the far left, wearing #8--also, thanks to Joe Murphy/USA Basketball for the picture), it is apparent he does. You were right, Mike, and I was very wrong. I am so, so sorry.

Now back to the regularly scheduled blog, already in progress...

Grizzlies' magic number: 1

After tonight's 102-95 win over Charlotte, the Grizz are but one win away from clinching a playoff spot. Tonight, the Grizzlies played in 3rd gear--they did what they needed to do to beat a game Charlotte team. The Bobcats play hard, and I have a lot of respect for those guys, especially Emeka Okafor and Brevin Knight, who are forming a tremendous tandem. Okafor gets a double-double just walking into the arena, and Brevin Knight is as classy a guy as you could want to meet. Still, the Grizzlies are miles better, and showed it. Big night for Shane Battier (25 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks), and Mike Miller continued his hot shooting. The only real trouble spot was Bonzi Wells, who scored only one point in 13 minutes, got a technical, and was out of the locker room as fast as lightning afterwards. His head's not quite in it right now, and the Grizzlies will need his offense in the playoffs--the biggest challenge facing Mike Fratello now is getting Bonzi on the same page as everyone else.

How about Tiger's chip-in on 16?

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Aaron P. said...

Tiger's chip-in at 16 will be a life-long highlight, one of those I will remember where I was and watching it live moments. Phenomenal.

Glad the Grizz took care of business. Nice that these last six games do not have life or death hanging over them as much, but I am still wishing they could avoid Phoenix in the 1st. The tragedy of their oops against New Orleans and bad finish against Seattle is that they gave away their chance to fight for 6th, and I would have liked their first round draw better against Seattle than against Phoenix, or, of course, SA.

Nice blog Peter.