Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So Much Stuff

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't updated the site as much lately. As you have (hopefully) heard, we've been busy getting the Morning Rush off the ground and rolling hard. I think the first two shows have been really good. Ron's pumped up, really excited about it, and so am I--I wasn't really sure what to expect off the bat, but I think we're off to a great start. Ron and I, along with Tyler, have been working diligently to put together an informative and entertaining show that sounds different. Most of all, every morning, we will have fun.

We've got several new, entertaining segments that I hope all of you will enjoy. You hopefully heard Rush Roulette on Monday. Let me elaborate on Rush Roulette for a moment: Rush Roulette will happen every Monday and Thursday on the show in the second hour (usually around 7:20). We have a roulette wheel and a big board of questions numbered 0-36. The numbers correspond to our board of questions. If the ball lands on 15, we use question 15. If it lands on 20, we use question 20. The questions might be sports related; then again, they might not. They are questions for debate and discussion.

More importantly, we want you to get involved. A group of people worked hard to come up with the first set of questions, but we want you to get involved from here on out. Every time we use a question, we end up with an open slot--a slot we need to fill with a new question. Email the program at rush@sports56whbq.com and send us your questions! If we use your question, you will win a great prize (Redbirds tickets, a T-shirt, a golf pass). Make it fun, make it interesting, make it entertaining--because we need your help.

We also need your help with Dr. Till--it's Tuesdays at 7:20. Dr. Till will be in studio to help you solve your sports and personal problems. Today, the doctor helped Bonzi Wells get over some personality disorders, Bernie Ecclestone get over his misogynistic views on Danica Patrick, and Darvin Ham get back together with his wife who cracked him in the skull with a wine bottle. If you have any problems for Dr. Till, email us at rush@sports56whbq.com or just call in. It's another chance for you to get involved.

The Cobra Strikes tomorrow.

I also wanted to write briefly on the Megafight in Memphis over the weekend. It was outstanding. It would have been hard for it to go much better, actually. Memphis came across as a big-time fight town and a great place to hold an event of that magnitude. The Forum was much more full than I honestly thought it would be--12,000+ is a great crowd for a fight not involving Mike Tyson or Roy Jones, Jr. Neither Tarver nor Johnson are what you would call marquee names, yet their fight drew just a couple of thousand fans short of the Jones/Johnson fight in September. In addition to a great number, the crowd had great energy--really enthusiastic, really savvy about boxing. I can tell you that both camps were very pleased afterwards about both the quality of the bout and the quality of the crowd.

I saw Winky Wright and Lamon Brewster in the house, and I heard James Toney was there, though I didn't see him. I also saw Lorenzen Wright, looking smooth as always. Mark Goodfellow was there, and not only did he not dress like a buffoon, but he was probably more well known than heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster. Actually, check that--he was DEFINITELY more popular than Lamon Brewster.

Congratulations to Brian Young, Prize Fight Boxing, and his staff for putting together a great night--I'm sure we'll discuss it in detail on Friday at 10 when we go Inside the Ropes.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow with an NBA Finals blog, in addition to a few other things.

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