Friday, December 30, 2005


Like most of you, I read about the apparent demise of AM 790 as a sports station in today's Commercial Appeal. I just felt like it would be appropriate here to say that a lot of those guys over there are acquaintances of mine, and I am sad to hear that they have lost their jobs, especially at this time of year.

Radio can be a cruel business in that sense. You typically do not get any notice when you are fired, and the termination is immediate. It happened to me once. 30 minutes after doing a show, I was gone. No notice, no nothing. Just fired. When people are still paying off Christmas/Hanukkah gifts and trying to spend the holidays with family and friends, it is especially difficult to find out you've lost your job.

Professionally, I suppose it is beneficial to have one less competitor in a market, but that doesn't mean any of us at Sports 56 have any desire at all for anyone else to lose their jobs.

To Matt, Dave, Forrest, Jeff -- You are all great guys, and I respect each of your work. I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

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Forrest Goodman said...


Thanks for your remarks. It's assumed by many that because we work for competing station, we must by enemies. That just ain't so. Heck, you were part of my fantasy football league this year! You can visit me at

Take care man,