Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fighting Like Gentlemen

This is a fight between Phoenix Coyote Georges Laraque and L.A. King Raitis Ivanans last November. Nothing terribly special, until you get to the part when they play the audio from Laraque, who was miked up for the game. He couldn't be more polite about the whole thing. His demeanor is more reminiscent of a guy who's asking his buddy to play golf than a guy who's about to fight in the middle of the rink.

"You want to? OK. Good luck, man."

I mean, that's all well and good, but if you want to learn what to say before a fight, watch this video -- the king of insane prefight rants, the Ultimate Warrior, is about to give you chumps a lesson in how to psyche out your opponent! Remember, load the spaceship with the rocket fuel! Dig your claws into my organs! I'll break down the cockpit door, Hulk Hogan!

Special bonus slapfight -- this is funny and embarrassing. Diogo and Luis Fabiano fighting in La Liga. High comedy, low skill.

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