Friday, January 19, 2007

Gator Stomp?

If you know me, you know I can't stand Florida. I went to Tennessee, for crying out loud -- I can't very well do anything other than hate Florida. However, I have a great deal of respect for the way they put their alligator shoes directly up some Buckeye tail in the BCS National Championship game a couple of weeks ago.

There was something that appears to have been overlooked, though. Watch this video and see Ohio State linebacker Curtis Terry put on an off-Broadway performance of Stomp directly on Tim Tebow's head. In addition to the stomps, Terry also appears to throw two vicious punches at Tebow after Tebow was tackled.

If Marcus Vick was ripped for stamping on Louisville DE Elvis Dumervil's calf in last year's Gator Bowl and if Albert Haynesworth was severely punished for stepping on Cowboy center Andre Gerode's face, why hasn't anyone said anything about this?

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