Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Slight Correction

We're running a promo for the show that includes my comments from this morning on Tommy Amaker. I believe I said he did a "horrible" job at Seton Hall. Something like that--I haven't heard the actual promo. Anyway, after checking Tommy Amaker's record at Seton Hall, I did notice that he made a nice NCAA Tournament run as a 10 seed back in 2000. He upset a couple of teams, including second-seeded Temple in overtime.

So, in the interest of fairness, what I should have said was: "Tommy Amaker did a good job at Seton Hall, and has done nothing at Michigan." My apologies.

That being said, my original point remains: the patina of success surrounding King Kryzewzki at Duke has not been passed along to his assistants, who have had relatively no success as head coaches. That's all.

And, of course, all of this was brought on by the discussion surrounding the hire of Bruce Pearl at Tennessee. It is a logical hire--whether it is good or bad can only be judged down the line. But to dismiss it because Bruce Pearl has yet to be a major D-1 coach is shortsighted and stupid. Look what the previous Wisconsin-Milwaukee coach has done since moving on--Bo Ryan just got done leading Wisconsin to the Elite Eight, where the Badgers gave North Carolina a great game. Bruce Weber went from Southern Illinois a year ago to the Final Four this year.

Be patient. Bruce Pearl will succeed or fail on his own merits, but he deserves this opportunity.

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