Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chris Mortensen + Matt Jones = Luv 4ever

Wow, does Chris Mortensen have a thing for Arkansas QB Matt Jones. This is the best review I have ever seen anyone give anything, ever. It's like James Lipton interviewing any (and I mean any) actor on Inside the Actors' Studio--"Bronson Pinchot, your portrayal of Balki on Perfect Strangers was so uncomprimisingly brilliant and incomparably rich, it makes Sir Anthony Hopkins look like a stupid little boy." Why would anyone draft Braylon Edwards after reading this? Hey, Mike Williams, screw you! Also, while reading the article, take note of the section where Mortensen casually insinuates that Jones could probably do everything Michael Vick can do. That's my favorite part.

Would it ruin things if I mentioned that Mortensen's son, Alex, is currently on the Arkansas roster? Ah, forget it, let's just bask in the glow of Matt Jones' freakish talent. I think Jones will be very good. Just not the next Jerry Rice/Randy Moss/Michael Vick combined. But don't tell Chris Mortensen that.

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