Thursday, March 31, 2005

Taking the Pulse

Admit it, it's nagging at you--it's the question on everyone's mind right now: Will the Grizzlies hang on to a playoff spot in the West?'s Marty Burns seems to think they will.

8. Grizzlies (39-31)

Games remaining: 12 (6H, 6A)

Crystal ball says: They lose three on the road (among games at Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Antonio) and two at home (among Nuggets, Heat, Spurs, Mavs).

Projected finish: 7-5; final record: 46-36.

The skinny: The remaining schedule is brutal, but they should be able to hold on -- especially since they own the tiebreaker against Minnesota.

CBS Sportsline's Tony Mejia (who we've had on the show) thinks a Wolves resurgence is possible:

Power Rankings:

Grizzlies (#12): Disappointing losses to the Hornets and Bulls indicate Mike Fratello has yet to find the right combination now that he has his full component of Grizzlies.

Wolves (#14): If Sam Cassell has indeed caught a second wind, the T-Wolves' playoff chase might not be fruitless after all.

Geoff Calkins said yesterday on Sportstime that if he were a betting man, he would bet against the Grizzlies making the playoffs.

I've taken an informal poll around the station; the question is "Will the Grizzlies make the playoffs?" and here are the results:

Will Askew: Yes, but barely.
Zeke Terry (our sound guy): Yes.
Cobra: No, they barely miss out.
Tyler: Yes.
Karson with a K: Yes, of course they will.
Chris Vernon: Yeah, I think they do.
Tiffany (payroll supervisor): Yes, they will.
Keith Parnell (traffic manager): I don't know. I'm sorry.
Carla Hicks: (a side-to-side head shake indicating no)
Me: Yes, but only by a game.

The totals: 7 yes, 2 no, and one "I don't know." Interesting.

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