Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Babe Draft is 22 Hours Away

It's about that time. We've been planning and preparing and talking about it for a long time, but it's finally here--the 1st Annual Morning Rush Babe Draft is upon us. We've decided the draft order and the first round matchups, and here they are:

Draft Order:

1. Middays with Greg and Eli
2. Karson and Kennedy
4. The Sports Bar

Clearly, we're not very smart. I mean, Ron and I had the draft lottery in the studio during our show, with our intern pulling out slips of paper we folded and put into our hat, and somehow we don't end up with the 1st overall pick? We're idiots. Anyway, there's no doubt in my mind that Greg and Eli will screw up their first overall pick, and I have no idea what Karson and Kennedy are going to do, so that means there's a good chance that our number one prospect may still be on the board at 3. The Sports Bar just got the wrong end of the stick this time. Sorry, Fish, but maybe if you updated your blog more often than once every 6 months you would get a break or two.

Semifinal Matchups:

Morning Rush vs. Middays
Karson and Kennedy vs. The Sports Bar

I like the matchup for us. I think Middays will be vulnerable to the type of attack we're going to put together. As far as the other semifinal series is concerned, I think Karson and Kennedy will edge The Sports Bar in 6 due to the pop culture knowledge that K/K bring to the event. Of course, you will decide the winners, not me.

The Commissioner:

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful commissioner, Amanda--we could not have a Babe Draft of any significance without a commissioner that can hold her own, and she can:

She's the one on the far left in this picture.

Here she is with some random dude.

And here she is hugging Q107.5's Lugnut. Always a proud moment, that.

She runs the show. If you have any problems with the way things go, it's up to her to make everything right. And she is always in control.

Once the teams are picked, each team will rank its babes from 1-7, and the matchups will be decided that way. Our #1 takes on Middays' #1, our #2 takes on their #2, and so on. Two matchups per day, one from each series. I'll try to post picutres and previews on this site for each matchup, so you will have some basis for your votes. We'll announce the next day's matchup at the end of each edition of the Morning Rush, so those of you that email the show can get those picks in throughout the day. It will be awesome. Also, we've still got time for your nominations, but not much. If your nominee is on the winning team, you will win a great Sports 56 WHBQ prize.

Thanks for the emails and calls we've gotten so far--this has been great. I can't wait for tomorrow's draft.

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