Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Will Kiper, Jr.'s Mock Draft


1. Middays w/ Greg and Eli: Greg and Eli want to go with a safe pick here at #1, and there may be no safer pick on the board than Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives.

2. Karson and Kennedy: Talking to Karson, he was very much in favor of picking
the total package, and Jessica Simpson is a good girl whom he likes very much.

3. Morning Rush w/Peter and Ron: Peter and Ron make a fantastic move by taking the number 1 babe on my board, Elisha Cuthbert.

4. Sports Bar: Rob closes out the first round with a great end of the first round pick, Jessica Alba. Would have been a crime if she’d have slipped out of the first round.


1. Sports Bar: Rob begins the second round by taking the first sister of the draft, Beyonce Knowles. An excellent pick that wouldn’t have been around next time.

2. Morning Rush: Halle Berry is a well-known commodity who has an Oscar to her credit. Some craziness issues, but a solid pick.

3. Karson and Kennedy: The hardest team to read takes Cameron Diaz in the second round. Clearly in tune with pop culture, and dating a Memphis guy in Justin Timberlake. Possibly a stretch in the second, but I like the pick.

4. Middays: With the final pick of the second, Eli is ecstatic as Angelina Jolie slips to him. I feel she is a bit overrated because of off-the-field issues, but a very good value with the last pick of the second round.


1. Middays: Eli takes Anna Kournikova, whom he rightly believes is by far the hottest athlete on the board. A good value in the third.

2. Karson and Kennedy: Keeping pop culture in mind, K & K take Katie Holmes, who has some serious buzz about her right now. A huge stretch at this point in the draft.

3. Morning Rush: Peter and Ron can’t believe that she has slipped this far, but Jennifer Garner is their pick. A phenomenal value at this point in the draft.

4. Sports Bar: Rob is partial to pop culture and to the O.C., so he grabs Rachel Bilson, which is a gamble. The hotness is there, but the name recognition might be a little questionable.


1. Sports Bar: I don’t believe Fish will be able to hold off on taking Lindsey Lohan. A huge stretch who has been free-falling on many boards lately.

2. Morning Rush: I can’t believe she is still on the board. The Rush takes Evangeline Lilly, who is #4 on my big board. The best pick of the draft thus far.

3. K & K: I have a hunch that the Q-Unit will take Charlize Theron, who for some reason slips this far. GREAT pick.

4. Middays: Despite the hepatitis C, Middays takes Pamela Anderson, which, frankly, is a stupid pick. She has, Hep C, for gosh sakes!


1. Middays: Nikki Cox

2. K & K: Danica Patrick

3. Rush: Ashanti

4. Sports Bar: Paris Hilton


1. Sports Bar: Mandy Moore

2. Rush: Rachel McAdams

3. K & K: Maria Sharapova

4. Middays: Jennifer Aniston


1. Middays: Kelly Monaco

2. K & K: Christina Milian

3. Rush: Gabrielle Union

4. Sports Bar: Elin Nordegren


1. Sports Bar: Kelly Clarkson

2. Rush: Vida Guerra

3. K & K: Baby Spice (Emma Bunton)

4. Middays: Heidi Klum


1. Middays: Christie Brinkley

2. K & K: Christina Aguilera

3. Rush: Uma Thurman

4. Sports Bar: LeAnn Tweeden

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