Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Morning Rush Babe Draft Recap

The 2005 Babe Draft has just ended, and I have to say it was a crazy hour and a half. Thanks to all of you for the calls and emails, and remember to keep them coming in because the matchups you need to vote on to determine the winners begin TODAY.

Here is how the teams look--click on each name for a picture (the caller/emailer that nominated that girl FIRST is noted in parentheses; remember, if your pick is on the winning team, you get a prize):

Middays w/ Greg and Eli
1st: Eva Longoria
2nd: Halle Berry (nominated by Mario)
3rd: Angelina Jolie
4th: Jennifer Garner (nominated by Pharaoh Joe)
5th: Salma Hayek
6th: Eva Mendes (nominated by Mary)
7th: Maria Sharapova
8th: Nikki Cox (nominated by Rick in E. Memphis)
9th: Kelly Monaco

Karson and Kennedy
1st: Beyonce Knowles
2nd: Jenna Jameson
3rd: Jessica Simpson
4th: Carmen Electra
5th: Gwen Stefani
6th: Alyssa Milano
7th: Danica Patrick
8th: Portia de Rossi
9th: Paris Hilton

The Morning Rush
1st: Elisha Cuthbert (nominated by Wink)
2nd: Anna Kournikova
3rd: Gabrielle Union (nominated by Earl in Raleigh)
4th: Vida Guerra (nominated by Cal)
5th: Charlize Theron (nominated by Greg in Bartlett)
6th: Tyra Banks (nominated by Cal)
7th: Catherine Bell (nominated by Chris)
8th: Serena Williams
9th: Tomika Skanes (nominated by Mario)

The Sports Bar
1st: Jessica Alba (nominated by Nick)
2nd: Brittany Daniel
3rd: Brooke Burke
4th: Pamela Anderson
5th: Elizabeth Hurley
6th: Keira Knightley (nominated by Davis)
7th: Mandy Moore
8th: Vanessa Marcil (nominated by Craig Wack)
9th: Alicia Keys

That's how it shaped up. Every team can now add one free agent to replace one of these girls, if they want. If that happens, I will definitely let you know right here.

Some of the notables that went undrafted include Cameron Diaz, Evangeline Lilly, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Christina Aguilera, Kate Winslet, Shania Twain, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams, Nicole Kidman, Joanna Krupa, Dee Griffin, Christina Milian, Ashanti, and many others.

As far as the Morning Rush goes, we feel very good about our lineup. Ron has sold me on Serena Williams, so I hope you guys will help to justify that pick. Elisha Cuthbert is such a strong prospect it's scary. She is incredibly attractive, and for those of you that have seen The Girl Next Door, you know how amazing she really is. For us to get BY FAR the top backfield in the draft in Vida Guerra and two of the top frontcourts in Catherine Bell and Tyra Banks is just good picking. Remember, ultimately it's up to all of you as to who wins.

Check Will's blog later today for his draft analysis, winners and losers, and his pick for the winner of the tournament as a whole. Now, onto the tournament itself--the first matchups of the semifinals are here, and you have to decide the winners:

Middays v. Morning Rush (Semifinal 1 - Round 1)

1) Eva Longoria (Middays) vs. 1) Elisha Cuthbert (Rush)

Karson/Kennedy vs. The Sports Bar (Semifinal 2 - Round 1)

1) Beyonce Knowles (K/K) vs. 1) Jessica Alba (Sports Bar)

Think of this as Game 1 of the Eastern/Western Conference Finals. It is a seven game series, but, by tomorrow, we will have a winner of each of the first games in the series.

Which girl is hotter? Send in your picks for each of them to and tell us why! We will also take calls on these matchups during the show tomorrow--so let us know what you think. It's your contest now. For each of the upcoming matchups, I will post previews here on the site, so you can look at some pictures and know who's competing. Bookmark my blog and be sure to check it often so you have the latest information on Babe Draft 2005. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Elisha Cuthbert hands down over Eva Longoria ... Eva is a flash in the pan ... Elisha will be HOT for years ...

Jessica Alba in a close one over Beyonce Knowles ... both women have great bodies but Jessica has the face to go with it ...

Comments on the Draft ...

YOU GUYS HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS ... some of those draft picks are just ridiculous ... I could easily put together a few teams from whats left over that would DOMINATE ...

1. Stacey Keibler (smile and stems are out of this world)
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt (one of hottest front courts on the planet)
3. Jaime Pressly (again with the stems)
4. Katie Holmes (so cute it is painful)
5. Tiffani Amber Theissen (total package)
6. Rebecca Romijn (looks great even in blue paint)
7. Leah Remini (total package)
8. Tara Reid (got that slut appeal)
9. Christina Ricci (another front court ready for the hall of fame)

1. Ashley Judd (almost as cute as Katie Holmes)
2. Jennifer Aniston (trend setting hot)
3. Jessica Biel (sorry no comment ... my tongue is on the floor)
4. Jolene Blalock (OUT OF THIS WORLD HOT)
5. Reese Witherspoon (like DUH)
6. Sara Michelle Gellar (I want her to be CRUEL to me)
7. Denise Richards (I like em WILD)
8. Kelly Hu (I would kick the Scorpion Kings A** to get some of that)
9. Angie Everheart (hot redhead that likes football)

1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Mariah Carey
3. Britney Spears
4. Xtina Aguilera
5. Toni Braxton
6. Tatyana Ali
7. Shakira
8. Janet Jackson
9. Madonna

Anonymous said...

Eva over Cuthbert
Alba over Beyonce

Anonymous said...

Peter and Ron are you losing your mine. You not cut Tomika. She is one of the hottest babe in the draft. As for as round 1, i have to go with Eva and Beyonce... Now if you need to cut someone, you need to cut Serena and pick up Janet Jackson.. Man, i went home and pulled out my old Janet live in Hawaii video... She is still Hot... I should have sent you copy of the video before the draft... Tomika and Janet .. you tell me... that's a winner

thanks aj

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jessica alba is the hottest girl alive in this universe.