Thursday, July 21, 2005

Babe Draft--Semifinal Round 1 Results

Once again, all I can say is thank you all very much for the overwhelming response to our first day of matchups. We got almost more votes than we could handle, but we managed to tally them all up and determine our winners (number of votes in parentheses).

Middays: Eva Longoria (36) over Morning Rush: Elisha Cuthbert (30)

Karson & Kennedy: Beyonce Knowles (34) over The Sports Bar: Jessica Alba (32)

Scores after Round 1 of the Semis:

Middays 1, Morning Rush 0
Karson/Kennedy 1, Sports Bar 0

Remember, these are best 4 out of 7 series, so things are still a long way from being decided.

Here are the matchups for Round 2 of the Semifinals (feel free to start emailing your picks for these two right away):

Salma Hayek (Middays) vs. Charlize Theron (Morning Rush)

Elizabeth Hurley (Sports Bar) vs. Gwen Stefani (Karson/Kennedy)

I love these Round 2 matchups. For my money, it's the first big test for Karson and Kennedy as they test the mainstream appeal of Gwen Stefani. Elizabeth Hurley, while a little older (she's 40), is certainly a proven winner; it's time to see if Stefani can hang. By the way, Stefani is not as young as she acts--she's 35, so it's not like Hurley is that much older or anything. My prediction is that Hurley wins this one in fairly easy fashion.

For our Round 2 matchup, I love Charlize Theron--she is a stunningly beautiful woman. She's got a 7 inch height advantage over Hayek, as well as being 9 years younger. Certainly on paper, she's better. We need her to perform well because we simply cannot afford to go down 0-2 after the first two semifinal rounds. Salma Hayek is gorgeous, no question, and she's a worthy challenger. But Theron should be too much for her head to head. We'll see--again, it is up to all of you. Email us ( with your picks for these two matchups as we draw closer and closer to the Finals, where we will crown the champion.

There is one bit of additional news that we couldn't get to on the show this morning: you may have heard the rumors that we have had trouble coming to an agreement with Tomika Skanes. Unfortunately, that is true. We have decided, as a result, to exercise our option to drop her and pick up a free agent. Ladies and gentlemen, the newest member of the Morning Rush babe team is WWE diva Stacy Keibler.

Go ahead, click on that link. You know you want to. Here's another picture for you:

Welcome to the team, Stacy.

Thanks again for all of the response to the tournament so far--keep it up. You guys are awesome (even if you did pick Longoria over Cuthbert).


Anonymous said...

Stacy Keibler!! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Pick-up. But come on guys, you should have dropped the fuggly Serena Williams and kept Tomika Skanes. Serena Williams?? Are you guys serious? What kind of junk are you guys smoking?? She’s not even close to being a hot babe!!

Anonymous said...

Ron and Peter.... Come are killing me... You should have dropped Serena Williams, not Tomika Skanes... Who is the GM over there " Jerry West". We know he can not get a deal done.. I do not understand why Janet Jackson was not picked... Did see Janet live in Hawaii.. Both of you need to wake and smell the six pack... "JANET'S SIX".. She is super hot!!!!

thanks aj

White Sox Mario said...

Foul Foul Foul...

Dropped Tomika... You're gonna regret it...

I think you have enough emailers that would have made a judgement based on Ms. Skanes looks and not name recognition, and when Serena loses like your sure-fire 1st round draft pick Elisha Cuthbert, you'll be sorry.

Stacy is alright, but she's isn't even the sexiest WWE diva. Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson have her beat, and I'd wage that most of the guys would dig the body on Trish Stratus much more than the Baltimore beanpole.

Next year, I'm helping the Sports Bar, because Rob had no clue, just like Sailor Ron and Ashy Larry.

Anonymous said...

Buffie the Boddie and Markova
Somebody please take them.

Michael said...


A couple of your "babes" have won only because of home field advantage. Proving the power of the pen – Who picked the pictures of the babes, you show beautiful side facial view of Jennifer Garner (the opposition) and show your babe hanging out all over.

It’s like being a non-SEC team play at their home field but losing home field advantage because we have to deal with SEC refs.


Anonymous said...

lets not forget DANIELLE FISHEL