Friday, July 22, 2005

Babe Draft--Semifinal Round 2 Results

The votes have been tallied once again, and the results of Round 2's matchups is as follows:

Morning Rush: Charlize Theron (22) over Middays: Salma Hayek (21)

Sports Bar: Elizabeth Hurley (35) over Karson/Kennedy: Gwen Stefani (8)

Series Standings:

Semi 1: Middays 1, Morning Rush 1
Semi 2: Karson/Kennedy 1, Sports Bar 1

I could not be more relieved that Charlize Theron pulled it out late against Salma Hayek--it literally came down to the last email vote, and fortunately for us, the vote was for Theron. I knew it would be close, but that was ridiculous. My girl Charlize pulled it out, though--thanks to your votes.

It is now confirmed that Gwen Stefani was a horrible pick. Stefani has no shot against anyone, much less a classic beauty like Elizabeth Hurley. Hurley opened strong in the email votes and carried it all the way home to an easy victory. Let's be frank: Stefani sucks.

You now have a very difficult set of decisions to make over the weekend, as the Round 3 matchups will put some of the most controversial and biggest names in the tournament against one another. Here are the previews:

Jenna Jameson (Karson/Kennedy) vs. Brittany Daniel (Sports Bar)

Anna Kournikova (Morning Rush) vs. Halle Berry (Middays)

For the first matchup, the biggest key will be the way people perceive Jenna Jameson. If they see her as a skank because of her extensive, EXTENSIVE sexual experience, then she will lose easily. On the other hand, if they perceive her experience as a positive because of her tremendous knowledge of the human body, she might pull out a surprise. One thing's for sure: there are no secrets with Jenna J. If you want to see it all, you can. In contrast, unless you've seen Joe Dirt, do you know who the hell Brittany Daniel is? Probably not--she's very hot, mind you, but a virtual unknown. This is a toss-up.

The other matchup is a toss-up, too, but for different reasons. Halle Berry vs. Anna Kournikova might be the best matchup in the entire tournament. Two stunningly hot women, one much older, one much more athletic, are going to face off. That's why I think you might need all weekend to decide who you like. So tough to choose...the incredible beauty of Kournikova against the stunning good looks of Berry. I'm obviously biased, but Anna might be the most gorgeous woman on the planet right now. I just don't see how you can vote against her or Halle Berry, but someone has to lose.

As always, you can email your picks for Round 3 of the semifinals to . The deadline is 7:55am Central on Monday, July 25th. Thanks again for the great response so far. Your emails and calls are always appreciated, and they will be very much needed throughout the tournament.

Have a great weekend.

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