Monday, July 25, 2005

Semifinal Round 3 Results

Here are the official Round 3 results:

Karson/Kennedy: Jenna Jameson (21) over Sports Bar: Brittany Daniel (19)

Middays: Halle Berry (21) over Morning Rush: Anna Kournikova (19)

Current Standings:

Middays 2, Morning Rush 1
Karson/Kennedy 2, Sports Bar 1


Well, I knew it would be close, and it was--but I am bitterly disappointed that Anna Kournikova lost. I thought she would be our stopper, our Eric Gagne, if you will; instead, she was our Eric Milton. I didn't realize how strong Halle Berry's support would end up being. People really love Halle Berry--that is our lesson today. Matchups are critical, and this was a bad one for my girl. JUST LOOK AT HER, PEOPLE! She looks like that and she LOST in the semis. Amazing. As hot as Kournikova is, I guess Halle's body just was too much to overcome. That was a pivotal round for us against Middays, and I fear that loss might be too much to overcome.

On to the other semifinal, and as I expected, no one knew who the hell Brittany Daniel was. No one. I'm not sure Fish really knew who she was when he drafted her. She's hot, but no way should a second round draft pick lose to a freaking porn star. And a very experienced porn star at that. Chalk this one up as a huge mistake by Rob Fischer in the draft process. He benefitted from Karson and Kennedy's bad pick in the last round; he lost because of a bad pick in this round. He gave this round away, because Jenna Jameson flat out should not be winning at this point in time.

Today's Matchups:

Angelina Jolie (Middays) vs. Gabrielle Union (Rush)

Jessica Simpson (K/K) vs. Brooke Burke (Sports Bar)

The Morning Rush needs a win in the worst possible way. If we go down 3-1 in the series, it is all over for us. How much would that suck to be the first team eliminated? We host the damn tournament! This is critical. I certainly think Gabrielle Union is beautiful, but does she have enough mainstream appeal to hang with Jolie? I hope so. It's not the best matchup for Gabrielle, to be honest. However, Jolie is wacked out of her gourd, though--remember that. She has a tattoo on her stomach that says in Latin "That which nourishes me, destroys me." Is that really hot? I'm not so sure.

Karson and Kennedy can also take command of their series if Jessica Simpson comes through for them against the hotness of Brooke Burke. Burke loves to party, and she's always looking hot on Wild on E! E! is mostly useless, but every now and then, you flip through the channels and catch a glimpse of Burke or some other hot chick, and it becomes valuable again. Jessica Simpson has tumbled a little bit as of late--for whatever reason, her stock is dropping fairly quickly. Still, she is fire.

My picks are Jolie (sadly) and Simpson--that would put the two semifinals within a game of being decided. As always, you can vote for your favorites at . Also, you can call the show at (901) 360-8255 and vote--we'll take your votes off the air as well as on the air.

I'll be heading to Birmingham tomorrow afternoon for SEC Media Days--me, Eli, Fish, and Cobra will be there providing tremendous coverage. I hope to have access to the web so I can update the site frequently. I also plan on writing a little something about the Bonzi trade later today.

Thanks for coming to the site.

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