Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Round 4 Results (Last Chance Saloon)

Well, this is it. Back against the wall. The Morning Rush and the Sports Bar are both in serious jeopardy of being eliminated in 5 games. Here are the official results from Round 4:

Middays: Angelina Jolie (24) vs. Morning Rush: Gabrielle Union (21)

Karson/Kennedy: Jessica Simpson (25) vs. Sports Bar: Brooke Burke (16)

Current Standings:

Middays over Morning Rush 3-1:

Eva Longoria 36 Elisha Cuthbert 30
Salma Hayek 21 Charlize Theron 22
Halle Berry 21 Anna Kournikova 19
Angelina Jolie 24 Gabrielle Union 21

Karson/Kennedy over the Sports Bar 3-1:

Beyonce Knowles 34 Jessica Alba 32
Gwen Stefani 8 Elizabeth Hurley 35
Jenna Jameson 21 Brittany Daniel 19
Jessica Simpson 25 Brooke Burke 16


I am very proud of Gabrielle Union; she did much better than I would have imagined. She's a beautiful, classy lady and I know it hurt her deeply to lose this matchup for us. We've consoled her, and she feels a little better, but she was committed to the cause--meanwhile, the possibly psychotic Angelina Jolie and her perverse appeal managed to win you over. Actually, I can't blame you too much. Jolie is very, very special. Gabrielle just had a bad matchup; against almost anyone else, I think she wins easily.

In fact, I think our team has had some very bad matchups thus far--if we were playing the Sports Bar or Karson/Kennedy, we would be winning right now, that much I guarantee you. Instead, we are on the verge of being embarrassed and being eliminated.

In the other series, K-squared is on the verge of advancing to the finals after their girl Jessica Simpson slid by Brooke Burke by 9. This was a close contest until the end, when Simpson pulled away and eased to a victory. I agree with this decision, by the way--Simpson is just better in too many areas: face and body, most notably. Now, Brooke Burke likes to have fun, I'll give you that, and she's probably crazy at the parties, but Simpson's idiot charm is too much.

Today's Matchups:

Jennifer Garner (Middays) vs. Vida Guerra (Morning Rush)

Carmen Electra (K Squared) vs. Pamela Anderson (Sports Bar)

I have no idea what to expect between Guerra and Garner. Garner is the more traditional beauty, but I chose Guerra's photo to really accentuate her greatest asset. Guerra's backfield has no competition at all--it is truly and completely beyond comprehension. Obviously, we've got to win three straight now, and it starts with Guerra. She must come through. We're behind her all the way (for what it's worth, it's always best to be behind Guerra).

The other matchup would have been an epic struggle back in 1997--Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra were the apex of hotness at that time. It's 2005. Actually, this matchup reminds me of when Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior squared off in WCW. Both of them still legends, but WAYYYYYYYYYY past their prime. The result: a horrible spectacle. This could be just like that. Many of our hottest babes in this competition were under 13 years old when these two were in their primes. Still, face to face, it is an interesting matchup. Instead of the epic paper v. plastic, it's just plastic v. plastic. Who will prevail?

Email your votes to rush@sports56whbq.com or call into the program at 360-8255. As always, we appreciate your votes and need them to come flowing in. Especially for Vida Guerra.

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