Thursday, July 28, 2005

Semifinal Round 6 Results (Don't Call it a Comeback)

First of all, I apologize for the lateness of this update, but the wireless internet here in Birmingham was down for the last few hours and only now is getting back to normal.

We are all the way back, baby! At one point, we were down 3-1, but we have brought it to even with two key victories--here are the details of today's triumph:

Morning Rush: Tyra Banks (25) vs. Middays: Eva Mendes (22)

Current Standings:

Karson and Kennedy beat the Sports Bar 4-1:

Beyonce Knowles 34 Jessica Alba 32
Gwen Stefani 8 Elizabeth Hurley 35
Jenna Jameson 21 Brittany Daniel 19
Jessica Simpson 25 Brooke Burke 16
Carmen Electra 28 Pamela Anderson 10

Middays and the Morning Rush tied 3-3

Eva Longoria 36 Elisha Cuthbert 30
Salma Hayek 21 Charlize Theron 22
Halle Berry 21 Anna Kournikova 19
Angelina Jolie 24 Gabrielle Union 21
Jennifer Garner 17 Vida Guerra 23
Eva Mendes 22 Tyra Banks 25


I felt very confident in Tyra Banks the entire time. She's not only got great name recognition, but she's got the incredible body and gorgeous face to go along with it. Mendes cannot hang with that. I'm glad that your votes confirmed my suspicions about the whole thing. The last two matchups have worked out perfectly for us; now, it is time for us to finish the job.

If you didn't hear the last segment of the show this morning, let me catch you up on the matchup for pivotal Round 7 of this epic semifinal:

Maria Sharapova (Middays) vs. Serena Williams (Morning Rush)

What better way to end this semifinal than by a classic tennis match? Maria Sharapova against Serena Williams. I have no idea what is going to happen here. Serena has grown on me--she has a crazy good body with a backfield second only to Vida Guerra--if you click on her name in the lineups a few posts below, you'll see the full impact of that booty. It's great. Sharapova looked great at the ESPYs recently, and I am not taking her lightly at all; I just know that Serena can get in done in the clutch. Ron and I have immense confidence in her ability to help us close this thing out.

It is critical for you to call or email your votes on this matchup as soon as you can. This is the one that will decide who heads to the finals to face Karson and Kennedy, and who goes home in shame. Email the program at or call in at 360-8255 and let us know. It all comes down to this.

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