Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Finals--Round Two

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of an update over the last few days; with the trip to Birmingham, an unusually hectic weekend, and the Liberty Bowl Golf Classic yesterday, I have not been able to update the site. My bad.

Now, on to business: I am still very disappointed that the Morning Rush is out of its own tournament. We created it, we run it, and now, we're out. It was an epic 7-round series between us and Middays, with Middays winning Round 7 by 5 votes. Maria Sharapova ended up eliminating Serena Williams 45-40; a huge response by callers and emailers, but unfortunately, it was huge for Maria Sharapova. We did get a lot of pity votes for Serena, with explanations like: "I like you guys and I like the show, so I guess I'll vote for Serena. But I still don't know why you drafted her." I guess a vote's a vote.

Here are the official completed semifinal results:

Karson and Kennedy beat the Sports Bar 4-1:

Beyonce Knowles 34 Jessica Alba 32
Gwen Stefani 8 Elizabeth Hurley 35
Jenna Jameson 21 Brittany Daniel 19
Jessica Simpson 25 Brooke Burke 16
Carmen Electra 28 Pamela Anderson 10

Middays over the Morning Rush 4-3

Eva Longoria 36 Elisha Cuthbert 30
Salma Hayek 21 Charlize Theron 22
Halle Berry 21 Anna Kournikova 19
Angelina Jolie 24 Gabrielle Union 21
Jennifer Garner 17 Vida Guerra 23
Eva Mendes 22 Tyra Banks 25
Maria Sharapova 45 Serena Williams 40

That means the Finals matchup is Middays against Karson and Kennedy, and Round 1 of the Finals is already in the books, and it is a huge surprise to me:

Karson/Kennedy: Beyonce Knowles (31) over Middays: Eva Longoria (17)

How in the world did Eva Longoria lose by two touchdowns? She was the top overall selection, and one of the most popular draftees, and yet Beyonce absolutely smoked her in Round 1. Stunning, stunning development here. This has to be very troubling for Greg and Eli, who would have certainly counted on Eva to give them an easy victory in Round 1 of the Finals. Beyonce has proven herself to be the star of the Babe Drafct thus far, as she is now 2-0 herself, with wins over incredible talents like Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria. Beyonce is like Tom Brady--she's just a winner. Now, Greg and Eli are on the ropes just a little bit in this matchup.

Despite the Round 1 shocker, there is no question to me that Greg and Eli have the stronger overall roster. As it stands right now, here are the projected starters for this series (in the format K/K vs. Middays):

Round 1: Beyonce (31) over Longoria (17)
Round 2 (Wednesday): Jenna Jameson vs. Halle Berry
Round 3 (Thursday): Jessica Simpson vs. Angelina Jolie
Round 4 (Friday): Carmen Electra vs. Jennifer Garner
(if necessary) Round 5 (Monday): Gwen Stefani vs. Salma Hayek
(if necessary) Round 6 (Tuesday): Alyssa Milano vs. Eva Mendes
(if necessary) Round 7 (Wednesday): Danica Patrick vs. Maria Sharapova

I should point out that the teams are free to swap one girl out for one of their bench players, or to pick up a free agent and move her into their lineup. They may not take any girl from a team already eliminated, however.

Babe Tournament Finals Round 2:

Halle Berry (Middays) vs. Jenna Jameson (Karson/Kennedy)

When one looks up the term "mismatch" in a dictionary, this is what they see. If Jenna Jameson gets within 10 votes of Halle Berry, it is a crime against humanity. Halle Berry is gorgeous, talented, and presumably has not shown her genitalia to the world via the magic of videotape. Jenna Jameson, on the other hand, has. Seriously, this can't be close. After Middays inevitably ties this series at one apiece, then we can start talking about real competition.

Email your vote to rush@sports56whbq.com or call the program at 360-8255. We are not far away from crowning our first ever Babe Tournament champion, but we need your help to do it.

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