Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Finals--Round 3

After two rounds of the Babe Tournament Finals, we are all knotted up at 1. Here's the results from earlier today:

Middays: Halle Berry (25) vs. Karson/Kennedy: Jenna Jameson (8)

Absolutely no doubt about this outcome at all. It probably shouldn't even have been that close. Jenna Jameson was an embarrassment--not even in the same league remotely as Halle Berry. I know Halle Berry is kind of crazy--well, actually, she's really crazy--but she's unbelievable and she's not a PORN STAR. Just because she went topless in Swordfish and had that wild sex scene in Monster's Ball doesn't make her a porn star, like Jenna. Fortunately, you guys came through and redeemed your picking ability with this one--that means the Finals are squared up at 1 apiece going into tomorrow's pivotal Round 3.

Here's the Round 3 matchup:

Jessica Simpson (Karson/Kennedy) vs. Angelina Jolie (Middays)

This may be my favorite matchup so far. I asked Weinberger what he thought of this one, and he said, "It could go either way." So true, Jeff, so true. Who to pick here? You could go with the idiot or the freak. The smoking hot airhead or the gorgeous woman obsessed with death--which will it be? I hate to even try to predict this one, because I have no idea how people are going to respond--not a clue. I'll talke Jolie by 1 or 2, but this one should be close. I will say this: judging by the remaining matchups, Karson an d Kennedy better win this one, because if not, it could get ugly.

Email or call the show at 360-8255 to get your vote in; voting ends at 7:55 am tomorrow. Also, we'll be talking with University of Memphis WR Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Clay Helton as University of Memphis week presented by Wingstop continues on the Morning Rush. Thanks for reading and listening--you guys are the best.

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