Thursday, August 04, 2005

Finals--Round 4

It was every bit the battle I expected it to be, but Middays took a huge step towards hoisting the Babe Tournament Trophy over their heads this morning:

Middays: Angelina Jolie (22) over Karson/Kennedy: Jessica Simpson (19)

I knew it would be close, and it was. I knew Jessica Simpson would perform well, and she did. But ultimately, I knew that Jolie had that little extra something that would push her over the top. She did. I don't know what it is about Jolie, if it's her incredible lips, her attitude or what, but she's just got what the people want. Jessica Simpson, while beautiful, doesn't have any kind of extra sizzle to put her into Jolie's category. Plus, Jessica's dumber than a bag of hammers. Jolie's smart. For me, that makes a difference.

Karson and Kennedy face a huge mountain now. They simply must win tomorrow's matchup to have any shot whatsoever of winning it all. Greg and Eli can relax now, because I can't see K Squared picking up three of the next four rounds to win it all. I don't think that can happen, but if it is going to, it needs to start tomorrow with this matchup:

Carmen Electra (Karson/Kennedy) vs. Jennifer Garner (Middays)

Carmen proved to me in the semifinals that she can still bring it with the fans. She's still got that name recognition, and she's still got a smokin' body. Jennifer Garner lost in the semis to Vida Guerra, a result labeled as controversial because of accusations against me--people claim that I chose a horrible picture of Garner to display in order to ensure that Guerra, the Morning Rush candidate, would win. These accusations, sadly, are true. We needed the victory. I apologize. I hope you will find that the above picture of Garner redeems my earlier mistake.

Garner should probably win, because she is hotter--but she's also pregnant right now, while Electra is still a gorgeous little skank. Electra may pull this one out yet. I know the Q107.5 crew is begging for it to happen. If they don't get this one, it is OVER.

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