Sunday, August 07, 2005

Finals--Round 5

It is all tied up. Honors even thus far between Middays and Karson/Kennedy, as there was a VERY surprising (to me, at least) outcome in Round 4 of the Finals on Friday. Here it is:

Karson/Kennedy: Carmen Electra (28) vs. Middays: Jennifer Garner (15)

First of all, before I break down what exactly happened on Friday, allow me to address an issue that has been brought up. A listener to the program, Michael, emailed me and accused me of playing favorites with the pictures I choose of the competing babes. This is untrue. Now that the Morning Rush is out, I have no dog in this fight. I don't care who wins; I just want the will of the people to be represented. The reason you see the pictures you see above is because they were the right size for me to be able to squeeze them onto this site. I have to have pictures of a certain size, and sometimes it is hard to find good ones for a particular woman. Feel free to go to Google Images and look up the babe yourselves if you want additional shots. I just wanted you guys to know why I pick the pictures I pick.

I am stunned that Jennifer Garner is now 0-2 in competition. Stunned. She was a top 10 talent on the big board, but no one has been more disappointing. She promised much and delivered none. Meanwhile, the much-maligned Carmen Electra finishes up at 2-0 in individual competition and she just dominated her opponents. She's like Reggie Miller of a couple of years back--older, yes, but still very effective in the clutch.

That means that it's now 2-2 in the Finals. It could not be any closer. The FM crew is doing a lot better than I tholught they would, but I think it's about to get worse for them, because here is the matchup:

Salma Hayek (Middays) vs. Gwen Stefani (Karson/Kennedy)

If there is any justice in this world, this should be an absolute massacre. Gwen Stefani lost by a billion in the semifinals, while Salma Hayek lost by one to incredible beauty Charlize Theron. We actually should probably spot Stefani 10-15 votes at the outset. She would still lose badly.

We need you votes now more than ever. One team is just two wins away from winning it all; two wins from being crowned the Babe Tournament Champions. You guys are the only ones who can make that happen, though--call the show at 360-8255 or email us at to make your vote count.

By the way, Ole Miss week begins tomorrow with head coach Ed Orgeron--he'll be on with us around 7:10 in the morning. Ole Miss week is brought to you by Mike Harrington with Plantation and Cherokee Valley Golf Clubs in North Mississippi. Later in the week, you'll hear from offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, SID Langston Rogers, and the voice of the Rebels David Kellum. Should be fun--college football is almost here.

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