Monday, August 08, 2005

Finals--Round 6

We can crown a champion on Tuesday--or we can see the Finals extended to an epic Round 7. After today's action, Middays is up 3-2. Here are the official results:

Middays: Salma Hayek (30) vs. Karson/Kennedy: Gwen Stefani (7)

Sadly predictable. Stefani falls to 0-2, having lost by a combined 65-15 in her two competitions. With that, she is confirmed as clearly the worst pick in the (admittedly short) history of the Babe Draft. Karson and Kennedy really should lose just for picking her in the 5th round (or for picking her at all). Salma Hayek cruised this morning, as everyone fully expected she would. Now, Middays is just one win away from taking home the trophy and becoming the champions of the Babe Tournament. Quite an honor.

Eli Savoie from the Middays program called me this morning after today's edition of the Morning Rush and said that he was going for the kill--he's decided to make a substitution, and replace today's proposed starter Eva Mendes with one of his girls in the hot tub--Kelly Monaco. A bold move by Savoie, one that may pay off with a big win today. Here's the official matchup:

Kelly Monaco (Middays) vs. Alyssa Milano (Karson/Kennedy)

This is as even a matchup as you can get. Alyssa Milano has a little more name recognition than Kelly Monaco, I think. You might recall Alyssa Milano as Samantha from Who's the Boss; who really could forget such a television classic? You also might remember Alyssa's role in a legendary Skinemax film: Poison Ivy 2. As far as great sequels are concerned, I'd put Poison Ivy 2 right up there with The Godfather II or even Kickboxer 2: The Road Back. It's that good.

Meanwhile, Kelly Monaco should be completely unknown to you unless you watch soap operas or the inexplicable summer hit TV show Dancing With the Stars. However, despite her lack of fame, she's absolutely gorgeous. Do some research on her, and I think you'll be pleased.

I have no prediction here, because I simply don't know what to expect--these are two B- or C- level actresses, but they're gorgeous. We need your vote as we could crown a champion tomorrow morning--call 360-8255 or 1-888-360-8255, or you can email us at . Thanks for all the calls and emails--we appreciate them.

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