Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Coming Back...

I know. I know. Believe me, I am aware that this space hasn't been updated since, I believe, late December 1834.

It's been a while. But you'll note my trademark sense of humor is intact.

I'll be updating more frequently as football season rolls around. I just had to take a summer (a long summer, admittedly) off. I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here, and that this glorious site has not been abandoned.

Eli Savoie's been doing some good work over at his blog. As a side note, he has managed to fleece not one, but two companies into sponsoring his site. Quite a salesman, that Savoie. Apparently he's found two companies that couldn't find something, anything at all better to do with money. Good job.

I kid Eli -- mostly because his blog is making him money whereas mine is not. But seriously, perhaps if I actually update my blog periodically, someone might actually want to sponsor it. I'll just have to test that theory out.

Will Askew's been doing nice things over at his blog since I last updated mine -- you might want to check it out as well. He's been dogging me a bit about the whole "not ever updating" thing, as have my cadre of readers. And just so you know, you would not believe the amount of email I didn't get about not updating. It was astounding. With that avalanche of indifference heading towards me, I simply had to respond with this writing.

A few notes to pass along -- the 2006 Babe Draft is currently ongoing. Check out the Morning Rush section of the Sports 56 WHBQ website for a bracket and links to pictures of the girls. Four people -- myself, Ron, intern Brad, and Mario (representing our great listeners and callers) -- have chosen two girls apiece to put in the single-elimination tournament. I cannot tell you which girls I have chosen, nor can any of the other competitors, because we do not want your votes to be tainted by your opinions of us. So be sure to check out the bracket and vote! You can vote by calling 360-8255 during the show and casting it, or you can email and we'll get it that way. Either way, make your voice heard and vote for the hottest babes in the world!

Also, this week is Ole Miss week on the program! We'll be talking Rebel football with new offensive coordinator Dan Werner, new offensive line coach Art Kehoe, tight ends coach (and my former geometry teacher at Briarcrest) Hugh Freeze, and, of course, the head man himself, Coach O! We'll have all the interviews archived on our website for later listening, but tune in each morning to hear them live -- the interviews begin at 6:45 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Thursday's and Friday's interviews (including Coach O) will take place in the 7:05 segment of the program.

Special thanks as always goes out to the Cobra, Keith Parker, our esteemed executive producer, for another stellar job getting guests. He's the best. Also, he's one hell of a snappy dresser. He puts the rest of us to shame.

Finally, this weekend represents the beginning of the English Premier League season! Most of you know I am a huge soccer fan (and the host of the only soccer radio program in the Mid-South, Soccer Fix, airing each and every Wednesday at 10 am), so I am incredibly excited about the fact that Premiership soccer is back. With that in mind, I figured I'd post a few Newcastle videos. Newcastle are far and away my favorite team, and represent something of an obsession for me. Maybe by watching these videos you can see why I like soccer (and Newcastle in particular) so very much.

1. Alan Shearer's Top Ten Newcastle Goals

The legend himself. He's now retired from the game, but the greatest goalscorer ever to wear the black and white will never be forgotten. Enjoy 10 fantastic goals. The goals against Spurs and Everton stand out in particular. Oh, and the song isn't bad, either -- "I Predict a Riot", by Kaiser Chiefs.

2. October 20, 1996, St. James' Park -- Newcastle United 5:0 Manchester United

Arguably the greatest performance in Newcastle United history. This is the height of the Kevin Keegan era at Newcastle, and this is a great representation of the best this team has to offer. Extraordinary.

3. Geordie Pride

This is the gold standard of Newcastle videos. This video is filled with tremendous moments of sadness and triumph that have made Newcastle what it is, and its fans what they are. Incredibly well done. Soundtrack: "My Immortal", by Evanescence

Hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. Remember, the season begins this Saturday -- Newcastle vs. Wigan live at 9 am on Fox Soccer Channel. I'll update again soon -- thanks for reading.

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