Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I ran across this earlier this morning while surfing the internets. This guy is a legend. A true sports icon. And it's time I gave him his credit on this site.

I used to watch Mr. Don West all the time when I was in college - he was on the legendary Shop at Home Network from, I dunno, like midnight to 4 am. And this guy loves baseball cards. I mean, he LOVES him some baseball cards. Every card was a Gem Mint 10 (whatever that means) or at least a 9 - and every pack was available for such insanely low prices that you would have to have serious brain damage not to order at least 5 at a time. But you had to be patient - 'cause the phone lines WERE ALWAYS JAMMED! You could not get through!

My favorite Don West trait was his tendency to elongate the S at the end of wordsssss. Like thisssssssss. Listen for it in this first video - and enjoy Don getting so excited about the 6400 card deal that he spills everything all over the floor. It's great.

"Literally, you can swim in 'em!"

ACTUAL QUOTE 2: "You're getting six thousand four hundred! Ooohh, another Mark McGwire...man I just love this! Oooooo, Joe Montana, ha ha ha ha ha! And there's an old Tommy John! Look at this!"

And then, there's this. Nothing honors the memory of Dale Earnhardt more than buying one of these limited edition jackets.

ACTUAL QUOTE 1: "We got XL. I'm wearing an XL, and, believe me, that's the size you want."

ACTUAL QUOTE 2: "We obviously know that this is a screw up on the price. I'm just giving you warning right now."

ACTUAL QUOTE 3: Don: "This is the coolest jacket of them all." Kenny: "Holy cow. Ho - lee cow." Don: "You better believe this is unbelievable."

Finally, if you spent $4000 on a Tiger Woods Grand Slam Ventures Rookie Card on the advice of Don and Kenny, you are an idiot. But it is a GEM MINT 10 PERFECT ROOKIE! So you've got that going for you. Besides, who doesn't love golf cards?

ACTUAL QUOTE 1: "If you order this, you will be the happiest person on the face of the planet."

ACTUAL QUOTE 2: "To me, this is like buying stock in a biotech company the day before they announce they found a cure for cancer or something."

Thanks to donwest.org and the Youtube people who uploaded this great stuff. I miss Shop at Home.

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