Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Great Idea (via Email)

Listener/reader Blake emailed me the other day with an idea I think is fantastic. It's a way to combine two of my favorite sports - soccer and college football - into one big concept to improve college football as a whole. I hope you enjoy:

First, I know this is a pipe dream, but it is an enjoyable dream!

As both a college football and soccer fan I have come up with a too brilliant for words idea. Trash the BCS and simply go to a relegation system just like the English Premiership and other leagues around the world! Can't you just see a premier league with about thirty teams, complete with relegation and a short playoff to end the year (Maybe six teams?)?

Then you have three lesser leagues just below that feature smaller or less successful teams like Vandy, Memphis, Notre Dame (note from Peter: that's funny), etc. Can't you just see the yearly frustration of all those golden domer fans as they struggle to make the B-league jump? Or fight relegation to the D-League? Can you imagine the insane blogging we would have? And how cool would it be to see a team like Buffalo dominate the D league for a few years and move up eventually (Wigan style) to the A-league?

To me this makes too much sense and would be way too fun to ignore. Memphis would have something to play for every year: a C-league championship and promotion to B! Even the worst division one team (as it's now defined) can't have any excuse for totally sucking. If you are scraping the bottom of the D league then maybe you just belong in the NAIA or the Women's Professional Football League.
I digress. Again, I know this will never happen because it blows away all the current financial obligations, sacred bowl worship and, most fatal of all, it is too soccer of an idea. How lame.

When I become ruler of the earth this is what is happening to college football.

I'm hoping Blake does become ruler of Earth.

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